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With our Online Bullying Zero Tolerance Guideline as integral part of our Privacy Policy, we are putting and end to Cyberbullying. Mental health is one of our top priorities - Both online, and offline. Holding users and the community accountable for their actions is at the core of every decision we make as the A-team. We believe engineering a more accountable community of users is the key to a more harmonious and respectful experience. We hold our users accountable for their actions and we want people across the globe to co-exist online without bullying, hate or bad behavior in general. In conclusion users can focus on their current sports, health or find important connections through networking. Free from distractions and full of purpose​. Our goal is to provide a place of positivity and empowerment for athletes worldwide. Therefore we have made it our duty to build a platform for respectful behavior to lift todays stigma of social media bullying.


You’re a bully? On Athleague you will be held accountable for your actions just like in real life. We will call you out in an open letter statement from our community shared with the world and you will be banned for life. We do not have a minimum number to take our users reports seriously. Reported bullies will be viewed by our staff personally with the above consequences. Consequences may vary.

Cyberbullying and online harassment do not belong here.

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