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Community Guidelines

Athletes worldwide have signed up for Athleague to start sharing their athletic moments through videos, finding new friends nearby, networking and being part of the biggest empowering sports community. These Guidelines intend to enable Users to self-express themselves, but at the same time also to foster a safe and enjoyable use of our Service.


The following important guidelines for using Athleague elaborate more on how to use the Service.


Adult Content

Accounts that foster or spread pornographic content are prohibited. Other depictions of nudity in non-sexual contents shall be considered as okay.


Nudity or Sexually Suggestive Content Involving People Under the Age of 18

The acts of posting, storing and/or sending nude or sexual content involving minors are prohibited. This includes among other things nude or sexual content of yourself if you are a minor as well as the addition of captions or drawings to a post to make it sexual, even as a joke.


Bullying and Harassment

We have zero tolerance for bullying and/or harassment on Athleague. Posting or contacting somebody with the intention of making them feel bad is prohibited. Furthermore, contacting a person who blocked you by means of another account is not allowed as well.


Threats and Violence

Posts and other contents containing threats to harm a person, a group of persons or a property are just as much prohibited as content of gratuitous violence.


Hate Speech

The dissemination of content that humiliates, slander, or promotes discrimination (for example based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity) is prohibited.


Invasions of Privacy

Taking videos or pictures of people being in private spaces (such as a home or a changing room) without their accordingly approval and knowledge is prohibited.


Unlawful Content

The utilisation of Athleague for any illegal purposes is prohibited.



It is prohibited to imitate friends, other users, celebrities, brands and/or other organizations.



The promotion of terrorism on the Service is prohibited in any form or by any means.



Any activity of spamming is prohibited.


The violation or attempt to violate these Guidelines entitles us to remove the contravening content, close your account, or inform law enforcement. In case your account is closed because of the violation of these Guidelines or our Terms of Use, you are not allowed to use our Service again. By accessing or using the Service, however accessed, you agree to comply with the text and intention these Guidelines. We will do our best to enforce them sustainably and equitably.

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