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Athleague welcomes you!

October 31, 2018

Today marks one of our most important milestones so far. What started as an idea one year ago has now become reality. We are proud to announce the launch ofAthleague: the first social media video sharing app for athletes with a Cyber-bullying zero tolerance. A platform that stands for empowerment, meaningful connections, allows users to share videos with others from the same or different sports category and to find new friends nearby.


Out of our common interest in sports and technology as well as our desire to provide additional value within the lives of millions of athletes, we started to work on a customized service. Video sharing has become one of the most popular tools when it comes to communication, education and motivation. Thus, we have combined all on one single platform and created Athleague.


Athleague matters because we are making a difference in how athletes worldwide can now communicate and share their journey. We believe that it is important to make both: a change in communication and start solving the issue of Cyber- bullying with one of the internet’s biggest online communities: Athletes. Therefore engineering a more accountable community of users from the very beginning so that the platform’s foundation is build upon kindness is important, as developers our responsibility and mission to prioritize our users mental health.


We believe that Athleague promotes a positive spirit among athletes. We support the establishment and enhancement of cooperation between athletes worldwide. By training together, exchanging their experiences and possessing a video pool of constant motivation within a variety of sports categories, practicing sports should become an even more passionate activity for athletes and give them additional incentives to strive towards the best version of themselves online and offline.


This announcement is only the beginning of building the biggest empowering community of athletes and we cannot wait for the big changes in sports technology that are awaiting us.


Stay tuned. We are constantly working on providing the best user experience through innovative features and on increasing a community of enthusiastic athletes for you. In terms of new features and the latest developments, we will always keep you updated first.


Shana and Lionel

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