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Spring 2019 Athleague

Brand Ambassador Application


We are very excited that you want to bring Athleague to your campus! Please carefully fill out the following application, and you will receive an email during December if you have been accepted. In order to be eligible for this program, you can not be abroad during the Spring 2019 semester.

Only one submission per student is allowed. After having filled out all fields marked with a *, your submission will be confirmed at the bottom of this page. Please email in case you have any questions!


First Name*

Last Name*



Cell Phone Number*

Full Name of School (ex. University of Georgia, NOT UGA)*


(Where your school is located)


(Where your school is located)


Year in school (as of Spring 2019)*

What sorority or fraternity are you in?*

If you are currently in a sorority or fraternity please write its name in the "other..."

Please describe your involvement on-campus. If you are not involved, please write "none."

Are you involved on-campus?*

Please make sure you attach a valid profile page link before submitting your application. Please make sure your account is on "public". Ex:

Link to Instagram Profile*

Link to Facebook Profile*

Please make sure this is a valid profile page link before submitting your application. Ex:

Have you been an Athleague Campus Ambassador before?*

Are you available to start February 1, 2019?*

If you begin school after this date, please choose other and write in the date school starts.

Are you interested in being a Campus Director?*

Campus Directors will lead and manage a team of 1-5 brand ambassadors on their campus, and are responsible for delegating and completing all of the monthly Athleaguers Do's. You are expected to communicate with the HQ throughout the program via text and phone call.

What makes you a good fit for the Campus Director or Brand Ambassador position?*

As an ambassador, you will be supporting grassroots marketing initiatives and raising awareness of Athlegaue throughout your community. What are some creative ways to get Athleague seen, used, and talked about on your campus that you have never seen before?*

Think about how you can Athleague -brand events, tailgates, social media, etc. The more creative and outside the box, the better!

At Athleague, we believe hard work pays off. Everyone gets compensated based on effort, participation, growth, and creativity. How else can we best incentivize you for your hustle each week? Check all that apply and please add more!*


Letter of Recommendation

Summer Internship

Spa Day

Bar Tab for you and your friends

Louis Vuitton card holder

Weekend trip to NYC with a friend

Feature on our Instagram


Are you in or have you been involved in any other ambassador programs?*

If so, please name them below, describe your role, and dates of participation. If no, please write "none."

Please provide the name and Instagram handle of 2 people you think would also be a great fit for the brand ambassador role*

Full school mailing address (to receive your merch and rewards!)*

If you were referred or recruited by someone please write their first and last name here:

Thank you for your interest in the Athleague brand ambassador role. Your content has been submitted successfully!

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