Soccer Stadium

Sports teams such as FC Barcelona, NY Giants, Miami Heat and more receive a platform that enables them to scout and attract gifted individuals. The platform allows scouts and coaches to access the top players for each season, view their game highlights daily matched with their stats, making the scouting process seamless.




Through Athleague, Universities receive a platform that enables them to recruit and attract gifted individuals to best represent the University.


Universities coaching and recruiting staff are able to view student athletes latest game highlights, stats and exchange with them directly all on one single platform.

Team Practice


Bringing people in sports together on an athletes only platform and providing student athletes with a video sharing solution that is tailored to their needs is our greatest opportunity to re-invent the game of how people in sports communicate, network and engage with student athletes directly resulting in new opportunities and relationships that will impact evolving careers. We believe engineering an athletes only platform is the key to a more successful sports career.

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